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About Us
I (Tim) work as a nurseryman and free-lance writer, with articles published in a variety of magazines including: Mother Earth News, Grit, Homelife, Highlights for Children, Fine Gardening, Old House Journal, and Smithsonian.

I have eight children:  Caleb (23), who is married and has recently enlisted in the Army; Asher (21), who works with Micah (19), the owner of a successful handyman business; Jonathan (17), a student and gun enthusiast; Molly (15), a student and budding photographer; Aiden (13) and Eli (11), inseparable, and my "main ramrods" in the nursery; and Aubrey (6) whose simple honesty is a breath of fresh air. 

Besides running the nursery, we manage four dogs (Pomona, Persimmon, Rufus and June--all Jack Russell Terriers), a half dozen chickens, and four Muscovy ducks.  We grow a fair bit of our own food.   And our 1901 folk Victorinan keeps us extra busy with renovation, restoration, and repair. 

The nature of our work dictates that we're never really "off the clock."  But when our labors are not pressing, we enjoy playing music, reading, taking hikes, and getting together with family and friends.

So please come and see us; we'll give you a tour of our little homestead in the city.   And if you're inclined, we'll send you away with all the fruit trees you can haul.   For Google directions click here.  

All best,
Tim Hensley

Copyright 2012 Tim Hensley