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(Available spring only and pick-up orders only. )

Blueberries are one of the best low-maintenance, landscape plants available.  They make an attractive hedge, 3-6’ tall, and put on a show of brilliant red foliage in the fall.  Half a dozen plants will provide a small family with enough fruit for fresh eating.  Plant two different varieties in the same ripening season for optimum pollination.  Husky, two and three-year plants in 1-gallon pots, 14-24” tall.   $10.50

~   ~   ~
Duke – A newer release from USDA.  Produces good quality, mild-flavored fruit.  A vigorous and productive variety.  Early.

Northland - Extremely productive,  early- season variety.  Small fruit with wild blueberry flavor.  Vigorous plant grows 3-4’ tall.  Hardy to -25 F.     
Bluecrop - The standard variety.  Large, nickel-sized fruit.  Hardy and productive.  Mild, sweet flavor.  Early-midseason

Bluehaven - Large berries, very firm.  Developed at Michigan State University.  Early-midseason.

Blueray - Extra large, high-quality fruit on multiple shoots.  Sweet-tart, aromatic flavor.  Self-fruitful, good pollinator for Bluecrop.  Early-midseason.     
Jersey - Late-season variety, vigorous and productive.  Juicy, mild, fair to good flavored fruit.  The leading berry in southwest Michigan.

Elliot- Latest highbush variety, ripening late August until frost.  Fruit is small and very tart until fully ripe.  Self-fruitful.  A good landscape variety with its blue-green foliage and late bloom.                              
Note:  Pick-up orders only

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