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Custom Grafts
(From Your Tree)
If your are looking to preserve an old homestead tree, or just the best tree in your neighborhood, we can do a custom graft for you.  Orders for custom grafts should be sent no later than March 15th.  We will grow the tree for one season and ship it to you in the fall for bareroot planting.  If a custom graft dies after planting, we do not offer a replacement. Custom grafts are $35.00.ea. or $150.00 for 5.

If you would like to have several grafts made and want to grow them out yourself, we also offer a  benchgrafting service.  Benchgrafts are just that, grafts done at our workbench and shipped to you after they have callused for planting in the spring.
Cuttings for benchgrafts should be collected the end of February or early March.  The wood should be taken from last year’s growth only.  The cuttings should be well-budded.  If the tree has broken dormancy, the time for grafting is past.  Pencil-size wood is the best size for grafting.  The best wood is usually in the top of the tree.  Pole pruners are handy for reaching it.  Well-budded watersprouts, take from above the graft union, are also good for grafting.  Small one-year wood is better than any size two-year wood.  

If you are not able to ship your cuttings to us when they are collected, you can hold them for several weeks by heeling the cut ends into well-rotted sawdust on the north side of a building.  The wood can also be refrigerated to keep it fresh.  Wrap the cuttings in slightly damp (not soggy) newspaper or paper towel, and seal them in plastic.  Do not refrigerate scions with apple fruit which gives off ethylene gas.  Ship the scions in a padded envelope or cardboard tube—wrapped and ready for refrigeration.

We do not replace benchgrafts that fail to thrive, as the wood from older trees is sometimes marginally viable.   Benchgrafts are $12.50 ea. or 10 for $75.00

Varieties listed in the catalog are not available as benchgrafts.   Also, we do not sell scion wood.  But we do offer rootsocks if you are looking to graft a few trees yourself.   Rootstocks are $3.50 ea. or $30.00 for 10.

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