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Fall shipments of bareroot stock begin after the 20th of November. Spring shipments
begin when conditions permit in late February and continue through the middle of April. 

Our blueberries and edible ornamentals are available for spring shipment only.

To place an order, please call us, or copy and print our order form, and mail it to us along with a check or money order.  All orders must be prepaid.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

If you live in the region and would like to pick up your order, please call ahead so we can plan to be here.  We are in and out of the office through the week, but here most Saturdays, from the middle of February through the third weekend in April, and from the third weekend in November through the middle of December.  We are closed on Sunday. 

Supplies of some of our trees are limited, so place your order early.  Also, be sure to list variety substitutions.  This eliminates the need for additional correspondence and prevents delays in shipping.  We will back order shipments that cannot be filled.  Back orders are sent the following fall season, or (with edibles and blueberries) the following spring.  If size substitutions are necessary, we will either bill you or send a refund.  Credit on account if under five dollars.

We send complete planting instructions with every order.  If a newly planted tree does not leaf out in the spring, let us know by August 1st. We will replace an apple tree for $8.00 and a blueberry or edible ornamental for $5.00, plus a shipping and packaging charge of $10.00.  There is no shipping charge for replacements that are included with an additional tree order.  We are not liable for trees that are damaged by deer, rabbits, dogs, cats, mowers, trimmers, severe weather, or improper handling.

State Restrictions:  No nut, plum or cherry to Arizona.  No nut, plum, cherry, pawpaw or persimmon to California.  No plum to Washington State.

Apple Tree Prices

Husky 4-6' trees are $28.00 ea.
#1 Grade 3-5' trees are $23.00 ea.
1-yr. whips are $18.00 ea.
~    ~    ~
  Dwarf trees 4-6' are $30.00 ea.
  Standard trees 5-7' are $32.00 ea. 
Rare varieties 1-2 yr. are $30.00 ea.

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