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Standard Trees

Over the past fifty years, semi-dwarf trees have all but replaced standard trees in the home orchard.  Semi-dwarf trees strike the balance between yield and maintenance.  But standard apples are a kind of icon in the American landscape.  And though they take several years to begin bearing, and require aggressive pruning, in time they produce enormous crops of apples—up to 400 lbs. per tree--and they will live 75 years or longer. 

In the Landscape
Standard tree grow 30-40’ tall.  If you have a spot in your home landscape or farm that will accommodate a specimen tree, consider filling it with a standard.  It’s like planting an apple tree for your great-grandchildren.  Standard trees are also good for marginal sites where severe cold or poor soil demand rugged hardiness.  

Wildlife Plantings
Deer hunters, in particular, are discovering the benefits of a few well-placed standard apple trees.  The varieties listed below ripen from September to November, and the fruit they drop will keep nicely on the ground.  It's the next best thing to a natural salt lick.  If you are looking to plant a large number of deer trees, check out our Deer Hunter’s Special.

Varieties Available
Freedom (standard) 4-6'
Goldrush (standard) 5-7'
Horse 1-yr (Antanovka)
Red Horse 1-yr (Antanovka)
Hog Sweet 1-yr. (Antanovka)
Myers Royal Limbertwig 1-yr (Antanovka)

~  ~  ~
5-7’ trees are $32.00 each.
4-6' trees are $28.00
1-yr trees are 20.00

Copyright 2012 Tim Hensley