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Stone Fruits
(Available Spring Only)

Pie Cherries

Montmorency  -- The standard pie cherry.  Medium to large, brigh-red fruit.  Firm, yellow flesh--juicy, richly flavored, tart.  Holds up to the rigors of processing.  Vigorous, spreading tree.  Self-fruitful.  Ripens late June.  Originated in France in the 17th century.  Introduced to this country in 1760.   3-5'   Sold Out

English Morello  -- Medium size, dark-red fruit, semi-firm, semi-tart, astringent until fully ripe.  Known for making a dark juice.  A natural semi-dwarf tree with a spreading habit, very productive.    Cold hardy.  Ripens August.  Out of Stock

North Star -- Siberian cherry x English Morello.  Large fruit, light-red skin, red flesh, with small free stone.  Hangs well on the tree.  Crack resistant.  A genetic dwarf, grows 6-12', moderately spreading.  Dense foliage, vigorous, self-fruitful  Bears early and heavy.  Hardy to -40 degrees F.  Developed in Minnesota, introduced 1950.   3/4", 3-5' trees.  Out of Stock

Sweet Cherries

Gov. Wood - Seedling cherry raised by Dr. Jared Kirkland of Cleveland Ohio, 1842. Large, pale yellow fruit with bright red cheek. Rich, tangy flavor. Good table variety. Noted for productivity, though prone to cracking.  Ripens early.  Sold Out

- Dark red, heart shaped fruit. Strong, hardy, heavy-bearing. More resistant to late frosts than Bing. Pollinate with Ranier, Black Tartarian, Stella or Van.  3/4", 5-6' trees. 
Sold Out

Ranier - Large yellow fruit with red blush (right). Fine texture, distinct flavor. Vigorous, spreading. Tolerant of hot summers. Exceptional holding ability. Pollinate with Montmorency or Lambert.  5/8" caliper, 5-6' treesSold Out

Stella - Black sweet. Self-fruitful. Sweet, juicy, rich flavor. 
Sold Out


Belle of Georgia - Old time white-fleshed peach.  Originated in Georgia as a seedling of Chinese Cling.  Large fruit, creamy white skin with bright red cheek.  Exceptional flavor.  Excellent for fresh eating and desserts.  Bruises easily, but a reliable producer.  Ripens just before Elberta. Sold Out

Elberta - The standard yellow freestone.  Large fruit, yellow skin with red blush.  Excellent for dessets, canning, freezing, jam.  Vigorous, compact growth.  Self-fruitful.  Hardy in the bud, so produces a more uniform crop than many other peach cultivars.  Ripen late July to Early August. 3-5' trees  $25.00

Indian Blood Cling - Crimson skin and flesh.  Distinctive tart flavor.  Dependable cropper.  Used for pickling, pies, preserves.  Ripens with Belle of Georgia.  2-3' trees Sold Out

Raritan Rose -
Excellent quality, white-fleshed, freestone peach.  Red over creamy white background.  Rich, sweet, juicy.  Trees productive, resistant to bacterial leaf spot, and very winter hardy--but fruit susceptible to brown rot in humid weather.  5-7 Gal., 4-5' trees
Sold Out


Methley - Medium to large reddish-purple fruit (rightt). Sweet, mild, distinctive flavor. Self-fruitful, Japanese type. 3-5' $25.00

Stanley - Blue skin, greenish-yellow flesh.  For prunes or processing.  Heavy cropper.  A good pollinator for other European varieties.  Self-fruitful.  3-5' Trees $25.00


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